Wednesday 11 January 2012

Weight, There's More......

There is a bit more of me this year than there was last year....It's that time of year where some of us have to do a bit of re-assessing....and I'm no different.  I didn't expect to be starting 2012 off the same as I started 2011.....battling the bulge....slight exaggeration, but left unchecked it could be!!

I've always struggled with my weight....I am an emotional eater, and an over eater, but after losing around 27 kilos (around 60 pounds) around 16 years ago, I've always managed to keep my weight in check....I would always pull it back if I knew it was getting a little bit too far right on the scale. I'm happy to exercise....I can walk and walk and walk, and that's my exercise of choice, with pilates thrown in once a week....but after losing 7 kilos at the start of last year to get my weight back to where it should be, I decided to step it up and take up running....after one week I ended up with a condition called plantar fasciitis.  This put an end to any walking or running after March, so for 9 months I've sat on my backside making it bigger.

So my foots taken 9 months to fix, I'm back to a situation where I can once again exercise yet we are also back to a situation like this.......

Not a great look is the next time I take this photo there really should be less of  me......50 minutes of walking a day, no processed food (not that I really eat processed food anyway, but my addiction to Kettle Chips is a problem) and everything else in moderation.

Wish me luck, I'm going the long and steady route, not the quick fix, it took 9 months to get this way, so I figure it could take just as long to get it off.

Enjoy Day 11


  1. Good luck Vicki! I'm in the same boat as,you but I have about 20 kilos to lose after having my little fella 9 months ago. Looking forward to seeing your progress :)

  2. Vicki I feel your pain!! I have great intentions of 30 minutes of some form of activity every day...walking, yoga, swimming or just playing with the kids in the pool. So far it's the 11th and I may have done 5 the moment I'm blaming the heat!! Wishing you luck, you certainly have a good plan!

  3. Good Luck Vicki. I'm on the lose it campaign this year too. Best of luck with your kettle chippy addiction!

  4. Vicki, that is how my year started last year. Plantar Fasciitis is excruciating and it's taken me just as long or longer to get better. I haven't started exercising again yet, but need to as I have a whole lot more to lose than you! Good luck.

  5. I think many of us are in the same boat...I have high blood pressure and even a few kilos over increases it quite dramatically. I am also still carrying pregnancy weight from number five only he is two now so its a pretty lame excuse.
    Good luck Vicki :)

  6. brave girl for sharing. i'm joining you on the slow and steady path. time for action!


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