Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 22....Where I Work

Well I could show you a picture of a big square 10 storey building, which is my full time day job....but as far as I'm concerned this is where I work....Excuse the mess!!  I normally clean up after myself most nights, but things have gotten a little untidy of late.

dover & madden is the job I love so therefor this is where I work....sofa facing the TV.....Hopefully I can make it more of a full time reality sooner rather than later, but that's probably a whole new blog post!!

St Kilda #Febphotoaday.



  1. What a great room! I love your wall of bookcases. Yes I can see why you would like to swap a ten story building for this creative corner fulltime. You are very talented so whatever the future holds!!

  2. I agree, I would swap as well. You have to have a little mess..being creative it comes with the teritory.


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