Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Baby Love.....

I don't know if I'm meant to share this yet....but Kelly David, who found my little hats a few years back has just had another little baby.....Little Baby Ryan.  She posted this on my FB wall, so I had to pass on the baby love.
Kelly is based in Alaska, US and as you can see a brilliant photographer amongst the many that happily photograph little dover & madden hats......my hats go a long way for beautiful little models.


  1. Oh my goodness he is the cutest little boy...your hat compliments him beautifully Vicki :)
    How's the new job?

    1. Thanks Tammi...the job is fine, it does feel odd heading out to work at around 2pm but them's the breaks...the upside no traffic and I just need to make better use of my morning free time. Vic x

  2. oh what a wonderful picture, what a cute little boy ... what a sweeter-than-sugar-babyhat!
    Have a nice day and go on knitting!


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