Tuesday 6 March 2012

Status Quo....

Meaning....Status quo, a commonly used form of the original Latin "statu quo" – literally "the state in which" – is a Latin term meaning the current or existing state of affairs.

So here is where I stand with dover & madden knits....I'm already getting requests for hats, and as much as I hate to keep harping on about it there will be no custom orders this Winter.  There are hat knitters out there that will knit hats to your style and colour choice, dover & madden is no longer that type of business.

I was so very busy last Winter, and I anticipate I will be again....fingers crossed.  I did  learn a lot from last year, so I'm trying to make things a bit easier for me firstly and secondly so everyone doesn't have to wait for a hat if they choose to buy one.

The orders that I am currently finishing are purchases that customers have made from my Etsy store....These were listings that gave customers the option to purchase certain d&m hats in their choice of colours back in late January.  Some customers took this option and I'm currently working through those orders and should have these finished by mid next week.....these customers have been very patient. 

In between I have also been knitting hats for photographers.  The reason why this happens is that people like to see how a hat looks and therefore I have to knit a selection of hats for all of the wonderful photographers that happily photograph my work for me. Sometimes I believe it is their work that sells my hats....the photos and the sweet little bubs that model are always so damn cute.  There are a few more hats to go out by next week to photographers as well....the little Lola hat is the last to go.

There will be no more blankets whilst hat season is on so I'll be finishing the blankets that I have on the go quite slowly....more than likely in between hats....square by square!!

As far as mittens go....there will be mittens available but only to go with hats.  The listing will state if there is matching mittens available and you will need to advise me by notes to seller when checking out of my Etsy store if you require them.  You will need to consider that the mittens will need to be knitted, even if the hat is ready to ship....This will more than likely hold up your hat order for a week.  The way this will work is if you want the matching mittens you will be sent a Paypal invoice for a request for mitten payment....there will be no postage on mittens with hats.  Not all hats will have mittens available it is purely based on yarn availability as I may only have enough yarn left for hats. There will be no stand alone listings for mittens this year.

As stated I have different styles of hats to knit and I'll be working my way through them over Winter....I'll do a boy listing and a girl listing and a neutral gender style of each hat in each size available then move onto another style....and if you see it and you like it then buy it, because it won't be repeated.

Please be mindful that I also work a part time job.  As much as I would love to be home knitting every day, unfortunately it won't pay me a full time wage....I believe I've said this before....most hats take around 4 hours to knit, so reality is I can only get around 10 hats knitted in a week, so my time to knit is limited....there are still other things that need to be done...washing, cleaning, cooking, shopping and family.

I think I've answered  most of the queries and questions I've been sent in the last week or so.  Please also remember I'm only human I can only do so much, and I don't want it to become a chore....I love to knit and I want it to stay that way.....I had a few rude people who carried on last Winter when they couldn't get what they wanted when they wanted it....and it's amazing what people will say when they're sitting behind a computer screen where they can remain anonymous.

And lastly new hats should really start to filter through around the end  of this month, and then that is all I'll be doing hats and more hats....each hat won't be listed till all the sizes are knitted....keep an eye on FB for what's coming up.

Hope this clears a few things up and as I always say....what's not to like about knitting!!

If you have a question just pop it in the comments and I'll answer...if you would like to send it to me via email.  victoria.oc@optusnet.com.au

Lola bonnet, image courtesy of Denise Burridge Photography.

Vicki x


  1. your decision is right - I know from my own business with handmade dolls.
    creativity is suffering from too much work to order, and yes there are people who do not always stay polite.

    the picture is so sweet! Here I must disagree to you, not only the pictures are selling your beanies. they are also selling, because you knit so beautifully.


  2. At the end of the day Vicki you have to do what is right for you. My attempt at selling my crochet bits was only fleeting last year as I got so many custom orders through word of mouth that in such a short time I burnt myself out and neglected my family, and never had time to even list anything. When I do have the energy to get back in the game it will be with the same conditions as you.
    I think your pieces speak for themselves...your work is exquisite and sells itself :)
    Loving the Lola bonnet, it's so very pretty.


  3. All sounds fine to me :) I love your colour choices anyway; you have such a great eye for colour so I hope you don't get any grief from anyone about how you choose to run YOUR business. xx


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