Friday 6 April 2012


A quick walk today as I have plenty to do over this Easter much as it's quite a hot overcast day  in Melbourne today, the cooler weather is hitting us tomorrow.  Hopefully I have felt the last of the warmth on my skin....I crave the cooler months and the soft golds, bright oranges and browns of Autumn.

I took this photo back at the start of January.  It's taken in one of my favourite streets in West St.Kilda....the beautiful old trees just create a magnificent canopy of green.

and today, with hints of gold and orange...and no doubt in 3 to 4 weeks, it will be a feast of autumnal colour.

Leaves already fallen, like colourful jewels all over the ground.

and just as I got home....the smell of rain in the air.....the cool change is coming.

Vicki x 

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