Friday, 20 April 2012

Day 20.....Something You Drew

April Photo A Day continues with something I drew.   I have always loved to draw.  I remember as a child drawing housing interiors, I was always amazed at the plans my Dad would bring home from work...he was a builder, thus I would spend hours drawing up my own plans.  Funnily enough I used to draw up plans for houses I knew and loved off TV.  The Brady Bunch house, Tony's house from I dream of Jeannie, and I always got a bit stumped with the Bewitched house, but I think I got it in the end.

My drawing did move on once I moved into High School.  This is the first ever picture I drew looking at a model of some type.   It was an old wicker chair that was put up on the table and we had to draw it from where we were sitting.  I never got around to the shadow the chair cast.  This picture was left in an art file that somehow my Aunt and Uncle got hold of...they went through it, found this drawing and had it framed.  It now takes pride of place in their kitchen at's yellowed over the years, and I do often stare at it when I'm down there, it brings back a lot of happy high school memories.  It was dated 20th September 1982, I was 14 years when I drew this....It's nearly 30 years old.  I wonder if I'll ever get it back!!


vicki x


  1. You are quite a talent aren't you? Do you still draw Vicki?


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