Monday, 23 July 2012

It's Just Another Manic Monday

I went to bed last night with such great intentions knowing that I had the day off from my casual paying job....Head was buzzing with all the things I had to do.....makes for a bad night sleep!

So I got up a little late, 9.45am to be precise...breakfast by the computer, checked a couple of knitted items that were being blocked, a few more rows of a lacy baby hat for a photographer, some button sorting....and I did find a little parcel of buttons that I hadn't opened....little woodland critters....and delight of delights, a series of The Wizard of Oz that is going to be a little hat story!  Picking out new colours for the next series of limited edition baby CASH hats, some lunch, and now just sitting down for a couple of hours with a cup of tea, some crochet and the radio on.

It really isn't another manic's just my fun day!

Enjoy Vicki x


  1. Oh what I wouldn't give for a late morning sleep in :)
    You have such a gorgeous collection of buttons there Vicki, I am sure I could sit there for hours playing with them.
    Enjoy your leisurely day.

  2. Ok, I want your buttons, your yarn, your lunch and the time you woke up in my life. A little of your knitting talent wouldn't go astray either ;)

  3. thank you. now, i'm going to bed (10.52 pm), with this song in my ears, in my head.
    my manic monday has gone, but perhaps i'm going to have a manic tuesday?

    have a wonderful day


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