Saturday 25 August 2012

Blog Blues.....

I've got the blog blues....I feel my blog has lost its way, in other words, I'm not altogether happy with it.  You'll notice some changes.  It's going to be more photo orientated and less on the words.  I'm loving my camera too much and I am slowly starting to see everything as a photo opportunity.  Every post will now be capturing things from my week.  Personally I love a photo.  The blogs that truly captivate me are the ones that are more visual.  I think a lot of the time the picture tells the story.....and don't worry I'll still be popping photos up of work that I'm doing, start, middle and completion.




  1. I love your blog Vicki - your projects are so inspiring. And like you, I have come to realise after a couple of years of blogging that sometimes a beautiful photo with a few words is just enough. ~ Christine xx

    1. Thanks Christine....yes I've been scouring blogs for some time now and I agree 100% a big beautiful clear photo wins me over every time.

  2. I love your blog. It's beautiful. If you are ever looking for an Aussie blog to advertise/feature your products. I'd be very interested in chatting to you about it - I love supporting (particularly Aussie) women making great stuff. Your photography/beautiful baby art is spectacular.


  3. I have to say I am more visual too Vicki and am drawn to blogs that have loads of beautiful eye candy :)


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