Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 22 ..... Home

This is a sort of August Photo A Day post and a sort of teeny tiny blog post.....Today is Home.....and with that, yesterday I had a work place injury......twice no less!!

I've gouged the back of my hand.....and seriously folks I don't remember how I did it, and it only happened yesterday.  I know I was looking for my keys and what I do remember was the pain was so excruciating I think I've just erased the incident from my memory....and no I hadn't been drinking!!

I'm now left with a horribly sore gash in the back of my hand....very red and angry and hopefully not infected.....but the worst part of all of this in my black out period of initial pain, I tripped over the sewing machine cover that was on the kitchen floor, and have done a similar injury to the side of my foot......working at home isn't all it's cracked up to be!!

vic x

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