Sunday, 24 November 2013

From Little Things Bigger Things Grow.......

I'm sorry there has been no woolly business going on around here....I am working hard to get all my remaining knitting orders completed by Christmas, so therefore I haven't picked up any crochet for weeks best laid plans of having personal items and blankets and other bits and bobs finished by Christmas are just that......plans, with now no immediate completion dates.....otherwise know as WIP's.

I've also been working long, long hours at my casual job. Longer hours that I anticipated which at this time doesn't leave much time for anything else....thus the lack of blog posts.  On the upside my little garden, is flourishing.  Lots of rain and lots of sunshine, all in one day mind you.....that's Melbourne! I've managed to work out which which seedling is which, and am now waiting patiently for lettuce and radishes to be first for the picking....the tomatoes won't be ready till mid Summer I expect.  I'm loving the teeny tiny garden I've created in such a teeny tiny space.

A couple of other things I'm loving this week are my Danish Duckfeet Sandals.  I've traded in my Saltwater's this Summer for duckfeet, and I'm loving the change.  They have virtually been on my feet since arriving a couple of weeks back.  Also I ordered some vintage fabric Lavender Bags from Little Sally Waters.  I was going to gift some of them, but now they're hanging in most rooms in the house! The smell is just wonderful. 

Anyway, that's me done for now.  Hope you're all well, see you next time.


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