Tuesday, 5 November 2013


I never had the intention of being away for so long, but time has just gotten away.  So to condense down what could be a long post, here's a little of what I've been up to since I've been away.....Knitting orders (nothing new there!!), lost 4.7 kilos in weight, celebrated my 46th birthday, got a small promotion at work, successfully grown chives, mint and parsley whilst still avoiding those pesky possums.  Purchased all the goodies to start a balcony vegetable garden.  Saw a few movies, About time...worst movie I've ever seen, Diana, second worst movie I've ever seen, Captain Phillips and Prisoner, two of the better movies I've seen. Also went to Gold Class cinema for the first time. Internet shopping from The Fat Quarter Shop, buying pre-cut squares for Christmas break quilting time.   Planning another blanket even though I haven't finished the one I'm crocheting now and just spending some time reacquainting myself with the outdoors and embracing the beautiful Melbourne sunshine.

Hope you're all well,


  1. Lovely orchids! It's amazing how time flies when the weather is beautiful out isn't it!? I wish the weather was looking up around here but unfortunately we are just getting settled into our winter season. I'm expecting lots of days spent sitting and crocheting, drinking hot chocolate, and perhaps eating more unhealthily than usual ; )

    Congrats on the 4.7 kg! Well done indeed!

    1. Yes Winter was a long one here, so as a person that doesn't really like the hot weather, I'm looking forward to Summer this year.....nothing better than sitting all warm and cosy crocheting....one of my favourite things. Vx


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