Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Testing, Testing, One, Two......Grey

Pattern number 3 is in the works.....and possibly number 4 at the same time.....This one is stumping me a little.  For something that will be quite basic, you need to make sure it does its job.   I have 4ply, 5ply, 8ply and 10ply for testing.  I have wool, shetland wool, alpaca, acrylic wool mix, organic merino for testing......what will I choose, which yarn will work the best......but my colour choice of all grey yarns is summing up my mood this week....I've gone from free and elated, to anxious and upset this week.  Job hunting is a full time job in itself.  I'm sure there is a job out there with my name on it......somewhere!



  1. Oh I know what you're going through from past experience....Sometimes job hunting can be like dating - when you're looking and looking it's not there but when you least expect it..ta dah! :D
    I love gray color yarn because there's so many lovely shades and almost any color looks good with it!

    1. Too true, great way of looking at it....I did mention to some friends the other night, that I would end up with multiple job offers at the same time, then that will be a real dilemma....although a dilemma that I wouldn't mind right about now! Vx

  2. I do hope the right job for you comes along soon.... Beautiful greys though and here's to more colourful wool soon!


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