Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Popping In.....

Thought I'd drop by and let you know I'm still here......Quite sick with a shocking cold that I can't seem to shake off, but still here.

I've been bunkering down at home the majority of the time with chicken soup and good wholesome hearty food to try and beat this dreaded lurgy.....10 days I've had it for now, and it is showing no signs of leaving!!

I have zip, zilch, zero news of any type so I've just popped up a pretty picture of some knit wear I was packing away to keep nice and clean.....don't you just love, texture and colour, so much love and satisfaction in that little pile of knits I can't tell you.

Anyway I'll be on my way, I've a medical appointment of a different type today, the one where they clamp part of your body in a vice like grip and x-ray.....it's an annual checkup based on family history......always makes me a little anxious though.

Oh and I went and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel last night.....I've heard so many people raving about it, I think I missed the memo, I just fidgeted, looked at my watch and did lots of mind wandering until it was over........But I saw All is Lost last week......bloody brilliant, although I knew there was a reason I hated boats!!

Anyway I'm looking forward to the Easter Break.  For some reason Easter is my favourite holiday, I think it stems from happy holidays as a child.....Happy memories.

Anyway that's it, I'm out of here!!

Enjoy, Vx


  1. Take care and have a Happy Easter !!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. Do so hope your keeping cosy at home worked and that horrible colds have departed... especially as I am so behind in catching up and you wrote this weeks ago! Funny isn't it - I saw Grand Budapest Hotel last week and thought a sweet, funny film!


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