Saturday 26 November 2011

To Tree or not to Tree.....

Living here on my own I always get to this time of year and wonder if it's worth putting the Christmas Tree up for me to sit and stare at for the next month or so.....the reason being....My little one bedroom apartment has become a wool storage facility first and home second, I now don't have room to house the rather large tree and it's 100's of decorations so they have been moved down to my parents place for storage in their super dooper storage facility, otherwise known as their 4 car garage that stores junk not cars!

When I purchased said Christmas Tree I really didn't think of the size of it, I was just thinking of the price....a $400 Christmas Tree purchased mid January from Kmart on sale for $ amazing bargain for the most beautiful life like Pine Tree, with just a hint of snow on its pine needles......The tree is about 7ft high and incredibly wide and very very big, for my teeny tiny living room.  The huge tree with its mass of decorations and lights takes ages to put up and ages to take down as each decoration gets lovingly put back in its packet or  box, or re-wrapped in tissue paper and stored in large plastic tubs....One year it stayed up till April because the job just seemed to be so massive.....I know, I know it's sort of lazy as well, but the tree was so beautiful that year it was a shame just to have it up for 30 days or so.

Anyway I figure I've got till next week to decide what to do, and it's a possible excuse to go down to my parents and test out my new camera on the beautiful Victorian coastline whilst trying to find the tree in the junk room...whoops garage!!....In the mean time a few pics of my Christmas Tree a few years back....this being my sisters, tall and skinny tree in all it's red and gold glory.....this particular year we swapped trees to see if each of our trees suited our different living spaces better.....but we both agreed in the end we preferred our own trees, so we swapped back!

So there you go.... To Tree or not to Tree? That is the question.


  1. Could you downsize while you are living where you are? That way you have the best of both worlds :)
    We have had an assortment of trees over the year and sometimes it seems like such an effort for the short time they are up but our kids love putting up the tree and decorating it and trying to guess what each present times.


  2. Yep that's exactly what I was thinking Tammy.


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