Sunday 4 December 2011

A Ni(e)ce Weekend......

All good things must come to an enjoyable time spent with my nieces.  I don't often speak about my two favourite little people because due to a fractured relationship with my sister, I just don't get to see them to have the opportunity to spend a few hours with them to celebrate Niece no 2's 4th birthday was enough to make me drop the knitting needles and drive an hour and a half down to my Mums place where they were staying.....It's been a long has started for one, daycare for another, teeth have fallen out, hair has grown, other birthdays have passed.....but unlike adults, children don't hold grudges nor do they judge, but they are one thing....brutally honest.  Anyway here are a few pics from the weekend...... present opening, laughter, swings and slides, jelly slices and hot chocolate.

P.S. Apologies for some of the photos....I'm still coming to grips with my new camera....and yes it is true, the 4th day of Summer and we are inside freezing and drinking hot chocolate....What the.......!!!


Vicki x

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