Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sweetness in all its forms......

Nothing changes around here....another couple of weeks have passed and I'm still plowing my way through the knitting.....I took on a few more orders so I'm knitting those, still trying to plow my way through a couple of cardigans for bubs and toddlers and all the while thinking of pretty Spring colours whilst eating date and nut loaf!

My pattern writing is coming along, but I think I've found a pattern forming if you'll pardon the pun.  As much as I have the notes all in order and all I have to do is the step by step photographs for the first pattern release.....I'm looking for any distraction to delay the process....I'm really nervous about my patterns.....Should I be?

Any way some lovely sweet photos of things that I made and made me smile this week, and last.

Date & Walnut loaf, super easy, super tasty, recipe here, gorgeous photographs of some of my work by Joy Wright Photography, website here and her Facebook page here.  Lovely Baby Cashmerino colours and a sweet cardigan I made.  I found the pattern book in my local charity shop and found a Ravelry page for the cardigan....I've added mine and you'll find it here.

Anyway sorry I've got to fly, next time I won't leave it so long.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Wet, windy and cold....that's Melbourne this week.  The very last of my orders have left the building, I've had some time to start writing up some patterns, I've made some booties and a few random knits that have lasted only minutes in my Etsy store before they have sold which is just fabulous and I've been cooking up a storm of food items that can be frozen....Lentil chilli, vege & barley soup, pinto bean casserole......the list goes on.

News around these parts is slim on the ground, but with a few knitted goodies now on the needles for friends also coming to an end, hopefully life should resume to normal and I can get all rugged up and head out into the cold myself.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Re - Draw....

Hi, Sadly the two winners of the bootie draw never came forward, and I did give them some extra time....obviously a busy week for everyone....I've done a re-draw and the two people drawn out of the hat are Susan Bach and Wendy Brewer. 

Ladies you have until Saturday evening AEST 11pm to come forward and claim your prize.   You will need to leave a comment under this post to acknowledge yourself.

Many thanks,

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Winners are Bootie Owners

I just wanted to say the biggest thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway....that means all of you who cared, shared, joined, posted, talked about, liked, loved and commented about the little booties.

I'd love to give you all a pair but to be honest, I'd be here till Christmas with crochet hook in hand, slightly cross eyed and probably a little bit cranky!!

Anyway I popped all the names in a pyrex dish and two lucky winners will receive a pair of booties in the size and gender of their choice....nb to 6m or 6m to 12m and either in boy colour, girlie colours or gender neutral.

And the winners are......Emily Childs and  Bekka Joy.

Both ladies have till 8am Tuesday 11th June (Australian EST) to leave a comment under this post with their email address and I'll be in contact.  If there is no response I will randomly draw another name or names from the Pyrex dish.

Again thanks so much I'm overwhelmed once again.....normal blog posts will now resume and some little ready to ship items should be starting to hit my store next weekend....including booties, after I do a spot of housework.

Also for those of you that can crochet the link to this wonderful pattern is to be found here on Ravelry.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

These Boots Are Made For Crawlin........

Got 2 pairs of booties to giveaway.  Are you interested?  All you need to do is 1 of 3 things....either join my blog right down at the bottom of the page, like d&m on Facebook or share the link to the giveaway on your FB page or blog.....easy, and then make sure you leave your full name to confirm your entry in the comments box under this post.

What this will get you is one entry only into the draw for one pair of booties.  Booties unfortunately only go up to 12 months in size but there are two sizes to pick from NB to 6M or 6M to 12M.  The winners will get to pick if they want them for a boy or a girl or non specific gender and the size they require and you'll have to trust me that you get a little pair of scrumptious booties specific for the gender you require....due to the nature of the yarn, it's very hard to replicate each pair as the variegation of the wool changes from ball to ball, so you won't be able to pick a specific pair that are pictured  The pictured booties are some that I have made in the past and it just gives you a guide to what you may get, but as I have some new bootie yarn you may just get a colourway not already seen....but trust me you'll love em if you win them!!

Competition is open to local, interstate and overseas.  I'll draw the competition using the old fashioned way....name out of a hat, but in this case a Pyrex mixing bowl, and then the little booties will take a week to make then they'll be sent on their way to you.

The winners will be announced here next week Sunday 9th June at 8pm EST and the winners have 36 hours to reply or they forfeit their prize and there is a redraw.

That's it, good luck everyone.

PS, When leaving a comment, you can choose the 'anonymous' login from the drop down box and just leave your name in the comments box.  Hope that helps if you wish to enter but don't have a google or blogger or any of the other type of accounts that often are required to sign in. x

Saturday, 1 June 2013

May....the month that was.

May, my busiest month ever.  I knitted close to 40 hats in May alone.  Considering I hold down a 30 hour a week job outside of the home, I've done a lot of work.

I'm just about at the end of my hat orders.....the last I'll do for this year.  All 78 of them.  I'll have some ready to ship stock available for June and July....that's coming shortly, should start to filter through to my Etsy store next week....and then I'll be working on my patterns....yes those patterns to knit your own hat are coming soon. 

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