Wednesday 31 December 2014

2014 The Year That Sort of Was!!

I looked back to the post I did here.  It had some NY resolutions or sort of resolutions.  Thought I should review those and see how I went.

  1. No more Not so many yarn purchases. (sort of did ok, but if I had to be honest....I failed)
  2. Pilates twice a week. (started off doing it at home once a week and by the time I started in my new job.....all went out the
  3. Buy that damn bicycle I've been wanting to buy before Summer finishes. (In my quest to save money I am renovating my current bicycle)
  4. Lose that last 10 or so kilos.....I managed to get 6.5 off before Christmas, so I'd like to have the remaining 10 off by December....slow and steady. (didn't lose but didn't that's a win in my book)
  5. Finally learn to run and enjoy it.....Couch to 5K, here I come. (Yep can do that, although an Achilles injury in October has put a stop to any running for the time being so it's back to walking)
  6. Finish all the woolly works in progress before I start any more. (Big Fail)
  7. Have at least 4 more knitted patterns completed before end of year. (Fail, although I have 2 scheduled for the end of January, so almost there....sort of!)
  8. Save more money. (Yep, earning more allows you to save more....and I've managed to set up some saving schemes/extra superannuation for my retirement, thanks to my accountant, so that's a win)
  9. Don't waste so much food. (Not sure about this, but I know I haven't been eating as much!!)
  10. Comment more on other peoples blogs, facebook pages and the like....I know it makes me so happy when someone leaves me a comment, so I'm going to make sure I do it more to others this year.(I started off well, but once I got into the swing of my new job in May.....Fail)
  11. Smile randomly at someone in the street everyday. (This one wasn't hard, I just smiled randomly at passengers on my smile at someone they'll smile right back, even if it is a half hearted smile)
  12. Be HAPPY! (I think I ended up the year a lot happier than I started out, although some people do question this as I'm not one of those people that is outwardly smiling all of the time, more introvert, than extrovert  I've made some new friends, met some wonderful people at my work who make me laugh  on a daily basis, and yeah I'm really looking forward to 2015).
All up I've had a good year.....I love my job.  I was out for dinner with one of my new found friends last week just before Christmas, and I said to him that I never thought I would find a job that I love, and I do like driving trams......who knew!!  It's so nice to go to work every day knowing that you like what you do.....I had a week off before Christmas, and by the end of the 8 days off, I was looking forward to going back to that says something.

I guess the only thing that has disappointed me a little is the neglect of dover & madden so to speak.  My time is now spent focusing on my full time job, it does take a lot of my time....I'm at work for at least 9 hours every day, or 5/6 days a week, and I'm pretty much exhausted still, both physically and mentally when I get home, so d&m stuff now gets left or ignored a lot....although I am pattern writing and it does look as if my next pattern(s) will be out by the end of January.

Anyway I'm off to work now, I guess for the first time in a few years I'll be out on NYE albeit working.  I'll leave you with some of my favourite images from this year.

Happy New Year to you all, may 2015 be everything you wish it to be.

Be happy, be healthy and most of all be kind.

Vicki x