Thursday, 24 April 2014

Keaton is Coming......

I've pushed forward a new hat ...... Little Keaton should be ready in pattern form in around 12 days.....fingers crossed......Here is a little sneak first beanie.

There is a little more information here on Ravelry....but stay tuned.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Popping In.....

Thought I'd drop by and let you know I'm still here......Quite sick with a shocking cold that I can't seem to shake off, but still here.

I've been bunkering down at home the majority of the time with chicken soup and good wholesome hearty food to try and beat this dreaded lurgy.....10 days I've had it for now, and it is showing no signs of leaving!!

I have zip, zilch, zero news of any type so I've just popped up a pretty picture of some knit wear I was packing away to keep nice and clean.....don't you just love, texture and colour, so much love and satisfaction in that little pile of knits I can't tell you.

Anyway I'll be on my way, I've a medical appointment of a different type today, the one where they clamp part of your body in a vice like grip and's an annual checkup based on family history......always makes me a little anxious though.

Oh and I went and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel last night.....I've heard so many people raving about it, I think I missed the memo, I just fidgeted, looked at my watch and did lots of mind wandering until it was over........But I saw All is Lost last week......bloody brilliant, although I knew there was a reason I hated boats!!

Anyway I'm looking forward to the Easter Break.  For some reason Easter is my favourite holiday, I think it stems from happy holidays as a child.....Happy memories.

Anyway that's it, I'm out of here!!

Enjoy, Vx

Friday, 4 April 2014

Spring Forward......Fall Back

I always use the American analogy of the seasonal change of clocks going forward and back....Spring Forward, Fall back......The clocks are finally going back this week, so Autumn is officially here....the leaves are changing, the late afternoon sun has that hazy softness about it....the air has got a little bit of a chill in it.....yeah!!

I don't have much news, I just thought I'd pop in to say hi and let you know I'm still officially unemployed....well unemployed in the sense that the job I referred to a few weeks ago, is still buzzing's a long process.  I had my second interview, which I passed and then this morning I've had a uniform fitting......and a complete medical and drug testing......there is something about weeing  in a cup with a witness watching that I'm never going to get used to!!  I guess if that all comes back ok, then hopefully I will get offered a job, but it still could be a number of months away.  We'll see, but I'm loving my time at home, even if I'm a little bit poorer financially, but a lot fuller in so many other ways.

I've managed to clean my little apartment from top to bottom, it's so ship shape and shiny, which just makes working at home soooooooo much easier.  I've sorted out my yarn stash, I've culled a huge amount of my wardrobe in anticipation of uniform wearing......I've replanted some little annuals for Winter.....the possums came and attacked the herbs again!!  I've got a weekend of knitting orders to finish, and then for the first time in 5 years......yes 5 years I will not have one single order on my books......and I'm half way through writing up my next pattern and I've mended a relationship with a family member, which meant a lot to me.  It's been a busy time.....oh yeah and dealing with a not very happy car, such bad timing, although I'm not driving off to work, so it hasn't been all that painful.....just forking over cash for repairs, has been the more painful part!!

So there you have it......I've been home for 5 weeks now, and I really don't know how I ever fitted work in......but I will say I am looking forward to getting out and about in the working world real soon.....I'll keep you updated.

Anyway I'm going to park my self on the sofa.....I've just had to replace the DVD player, I think it finally got worn out, so I have a few DVD series to commence and looking forward to a quiet weekend.  I hope yours is the same, if that's what you choose.

Vicki x