Monday, 14 October 2013

KIA......Knitting in Action

Sorry about being absent for a little longer than planned, but I've been knitting like a mad woman......I decided to take on some custom work, the last for 2013, and boy oh boy, suffice to say I've got a lot of orders.

It has been nice to sit back and just get on with the orders......Unfortunately my knitting seems to be in sync with my casual day job.  My day job has been quiet since July, but Murphy's Law,  I take some orders and day job kicks into overdrive and I'm going to be required 40+ hours per week right through to Christmas more or less.

Suffice to say that all spare time is now dedicated to knitting, so there isn't much other news.....orders have been heading out to Norway, Germany, Sweden, France, US, UK and I have the biggest bunch of orders from my nearest and dearest customers right here in Australia.

My Etsy store is open for a bit longer, I'll take a few more orders, I'm also working on another pixie hat for boys and girls, and I managed to get a third row done of my big coloured hexie.

Hope all is well in your part of the world, and I should say thank you to everyone that leaves a comment, I read them all and try to reply to as many as I can when time permits. You'll also notice I've been slowly adding to my blog roll on the side of this page.  So many blogs appear in my stats, so I've been sharing them with others, so much woolly love floating around the world.

Anyway plenty to do today, it's my one day off this week.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Two Rows in Two Months.

I finally finished my second row of my block coloured hexie yesterday.   We had the most horrendous winds blowing last night that damaged a lot of houses, saw the power go out to over 50,000 homes, closed the airport etc etc.....I can't knit when it's stormy for some reason, I find crochet more of a comfort.   So with the TV on loud to block out the noise of the rattling windows and the crashing waves of the bay, I crocheted lots of hexies.

I'm setting myself a Christmas target for this blanket, so 20 more rows in 12 weeks.  Achievable, what do you think?