Sunday 25 May 2014


Sunday.   It's so nice to wake up to a little bit of rain.  We're still receiving unseasonal warm weather here in Melbourne......and I'm talking T-Shirts and in some cases shorts (not me of course)......This week so the weather report says, should see Winter finally kick in, and I for one can't wait. 

Sorry it's been so un-newsworthy around these parts.  I've settled into the routine of my new full time job, and to say I've been mentally shattered is an understatement.  At the moment we're doing theory and my brain has gone into melt down.  Overloaded with information all in a good way, but in my mid-40's and not having done any real study since High School, I'm finding it hard to find my focus, therefore when I get home in the evening I'm reading, re-reading and re-reading again and again.

In between I'm trying to do some orders.....weekends for the time being have become quite precious, it's the only time that allows me to get my knit sticks out and I miss it......after being at home unemployed for 12 weeks, I've realised that I didn't make that good a use of my time......kicking myself now.

It's 9am on a Sunday morning as I write this job for today.  2 hat orders to complete, an hour of study and a clean kitchen.  Better get to it.

My posts are going to become a little less frequent for the next month or so, whilst my further 5 weeks of study that stage I'm sure I'll be itching for some creative woolly crochet business.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care


Wednesday 14 May 2014


I sauntered off to the supermarket this was too beautiful not to.  Just when we thought Winter was on our doorstep here in Melbourne....a week of 20+ temperatures beckon....sunshine and's like the Indian Summer came back!!  I have the best walk to my local supermarket.....I do have one literally 100 metres up the road, but since I've been unemployed I've been walking to the bigger one around 20 minutes away and every time I walk it on a day like today I realise how great my hood is!

So the 20 minute walk to the supermarket and the 20 minutes back turned into 120 minutes....but it was worth it!



Tuesday 13 May 2014


My little Keaton Slouch Beanie is for sale.....yes I know for those of you that are in the Northern Hemisphere, you're pulling out your swim suits and shorts......but down here in Australia....we're rugging up!!

Anyway new little hat is available as a PDF download.....Ravelry only offers single downloads with no discounted rate, but over at Etsy there are combo deals for 2 & 3 patterns.

Keaton is available for a 12M toddler through to an adult....I gave my Keaton that I made myself on the weekend away to one of the photographers for my first adult photo shoot....oh I loved that hat.  Will just have to make myself another one or two.  Links for patterns are over at the side of the page.

I'm off to's late and I'm officially starting work on Thursday.....need to get the old body clock back on a 9-5 timeframe!!



Monday 12 May 2014

Jumping For Joy......

Little Lamb from Lamb Loves Fox jumping for joy.....She knows dover & madden's Keaton beanie pattern will be available on Wednesday at Etsy and Ravelry.

Etsy will have discounts for 2 & 3 pattern deals.  Ravelry only has single pattern purchases.  I'll let you know when it's ready to go.

Oh and I'm jumping for joy.....I start my new job on Thursday.

Have a good week.


Thursday 8 May 2014

Autumn Afternoons......

Today was just an Autumn afternoon out of the box, so much so I thought I should embrace the brilliance of it all.  Over to Albert Park Lake, up to the Aquatic Centre, back home via Middle Park, and just because I couldn't resist, I had to photograph the Pamela Anderson house.....yes it's a house.  Used to belong to a celebrity of sorts I guess, well he was an ex footballer from the 1970's....its now been sold several times over I believe, but no-one's been game to cover her up.....the house is sort of iconic really....everyone knows her!

I've also got some news on my little Keaton Beanie.....pattern hopefully should be available next week.....I've now extended the pattern through to an adult hat as well.....the little hats also turned up at Lamb Loves Fox HQ....and here is a little sneak peak.  You'll find the pattern here on Ravelry when it's ready to go.

That's it from me..... Vx

Friday 2 May 2014

Colourfully Bored.....

You know you've got way too much time on your hands and you're starting to get a little bit bored after 8 weeks of unemployment and you start colour coding your bookshelves!!  It did end up serving a couple of purposes.  One was to sort and throw, lots of rubbish on those shelves let me tell you, years of junk....the other was just to make it look a little more fun, although the downside is I can't find a single thing.

All the DVD sets have been broken up, books that used to be sorted by category, such as craft and longer, and CD's are all out of alphabetical order so I can't find anything.  I haven't even touched the black and white spined books yet.....I'm doing that today.  It did take forever and it will always be a work in progress....I've found a few more red spined books, which means moving everything down a bit.....maybe I'll just save that for another day.

Anyway, just as I was finishing up yesterday, I had some brilliant news......the job that I talked about here & here....the one with job security and all those other things that will serve me well as someone in her mid 40's......I got!!!  I'm back in the workforce on the 15th May.   You'll never guess what I'm going to be.....a Tram Driver, well a trainee Tram Driver for the interim......For those people that live, work, know and have travelled to Melbourne, know that we have a system of trams on our public transport network....well I'll be learning to ding ding that bell!!  One of a small percentage of women drivers, so I'm so excited....the days of working in offices and putting up with the sometimes bullshit that goes with it are over.....I'll get to see some of the beauty of Melbourne whilst doing my job.....and probably some of the seedier side as well!!

So I'm finishing up a few more orders I took, trying to get the Keaton Beanie pattern out....although Australia Post seem to have lost a parcel of hats for one of the photographers I use so that is an issue in itself.....and now just relishing the last 2 weeks I have left before a new chapter begins.

It's been an interesting process being has been very tight, and I've suddenly realised that there are a lot of things I thought I could never do without, now I've realised I can.  As much as I have hated being unemployed it has taught me well, and for that I will be grateful, some lessons have been learnt.....I've also taken a keen interest in this blog Inked in Colour.....Sash and her daughter are spending no money of life's luxuries for 12 gave me some tips and inspiration whilst money just wasn't there.

Anyway that's my week really, I'm off to do some work and finish those shelves!

Enjoy your weekend.


Ps...I've just sorted the red book issue whilst looking at the photos....that rainbow book with the coloured's coming out to make way for the reds....maybe it can settle itself down with the greens on bottom shelf!!