Thursday 12 June 2014

Update, Competition & Hello....... feels like an age since I was last here.  My social media posts have been few and far between as I move into my last week of Tram Driver training with an on board trainer before my last exam next week.  My days have really just been a complete blur of study and concentration on another level, tiredness that I never contemplated.....all brought on by mental fatigue......I don't think I've ever slept so well in my life and let me tell you sleep becomes the most important thing ever!

I've also learnt that eating well and exercise are paramount in a job that requires 100% focus at all times......hopefully that focus may roll over in to my procrastination of all things wooly and stop me jumping from one WIP to another!!.......Somehow I don't think it will.

I continue to knit my way through the last half dozen hat orders.  My days off like today are dedicated to knitting all day to get these completed.....I figure at the moment the housework can long as I have a clean uniform for work, that's the main thing.

I've had a few queries already about releasing more patterns.....the answer is yes.  I have a baby blanket or two in the planning for the next patterns.  I just wanted a little break from the hats for now.....fingers crossed the blanket patterns will be completed by mid July.....and then I'll start working on my next hat pattern.

I still continue to be amazed at how well my patterns have been received.  Norwegians, Danes, Swedes and the French continue to knit my patterns at an amazing rate, and looking at so many of your little knitted d&m hats on Ravelry and blogs, makes me smile.

So that leads me to a KEATON competition that I promised......I am quite happy to knit 2 completed KEATON beanies for 2 lucky winners in colours and size of their choice from the colours I have in stock.

Keaton comes in 5 sizes so you are not limited to kids sizes if you win. You may want a beanie for yourself.  You can also have the choice of having it with a pom pom or without.  I'll happily send the completed beanies anywhere in the the competition is open to everyone.

All you have to do to enter is to either join my blog, like my Facebook page and do one other thing and that is to like one of the great photographers Facebook pages that have assisted me with Keaton photographs amongst others Sarah Brown Photography  and Lamb loves Fox