Tuesday, 31 January 2012

February Photo Challenge

I'm following the February Photo Challenge....unlike some others who will be using Instagram to share their photos....I will be using my blog....for the simple reason, I have no idea what Instagram is!! 

So Day 1 is the 1st Feb and so on....and it will be my interpretation of the days topic, to the best of my ability and within the time frame I have.  I may add some words or I might not.  Let's see what I can come up with.

Vicki x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Cat is Back.......

Roody the red head is back again....you'll notice I've decorated his space with a couple of pot plants.   They create a bit of ambiance for him, he seems to like them, the plants love the shade, it all works.....and the yellow orangey plastic pot goes so well with his coat!! 

ps...The plant in the yellow orangey pot had virtually one leaf on it when it was saved from the dumpster, some food, natural light and lots of love and care, and it's nearly outgrown its pot....my first ever plant success.....story might be different with the Cymbidium Orchid....found that out in the street after the spike of flowers had died...someone no longer wanted it....picked it up carried it home....and fingers crossed I can get a bloom out of it this year.....I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy, Vicki x

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Giving It All Away.....

Time for a giveaway.......A little hand knitted "Emmett" hat, named after the model.  This little guy is the son of Joy Wright who takes such beautiful photos of dover & madden hats for me.  She's based in Alabama, US.

Competition is open to everyone across the globe, and it's open till Friday 3rd Feb 8pm EST.   All you need to do is comment under the blog by leaving your name, the size of hat you want, and where you're from (I like to know how far and wide we come from). If you are not a google account holder or linked to this blog, just use the anonymous button when posting your comment.

The winner will be drawn from a hat (pardon the pun) and announced here next Friday night, straight after the competition closes.  The winner will be emailed a Baby Cashmerino colour chart and they can choose the colour of their little hat, based on availability of yarn, I'll do my best! I have included the colour chart on this post, just so you can check out the colours available.

These gorgeous vintage inspired little hats, have loads of stretch, bow under the chin and have a scrumptious full pom pom on top...they are a hand wash only hat. Available in the following sizes

SMALL          3M to 6M

MEDIUM       6M to 12M

LARGE         12M to 18M

XLARGE      18M to 24M**

**Size is only available as part of this competition.

I think that's it....If you're not a fan of dover & madden and you'd like to be, you can find me here on Facebook.  Best of Luck everyone....and this little guy really does love his "Emmett" hat.

Vicki x

Friday, 27 January 2012

If It Makes You Happy.

Four things made me happy this evening....and these days it doesn't take much!! 

Coming home to find Roody the Redhead as he's known around these parts, lolling around on the back landing....it's so hot, but he always knows where the coolest spots are and he knows I'll feed him.....he likes to hang, waiting for me to arrive home.

Secondly....I always love to receive photos from customers......checking my email and finding a fab photo of Baby Z and her d&m Hilary Hat...... she's getting ready for Winter.  Thank you to Mum Kim for allowing me to share.

Thirdly....some nights you just don't want to cook....Multi Grain Sourdough and hommus....Dinner is served!

And lastly....The Street....I missed this series when it was on the ABC a few years back....I ordered the DVD from Amazon.co.uk and I'm glued....so tonight Series 2 and a whole lotta knitting going on.

Enjoy your evening.

Vicki x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I Love A Sunburnt Country.....

Thursday 26th January is Australia Day , our national holiday.  In celebration of Australia Day I thought I might share some of my favourite Australian things....our colourful Currency, Bega Cheese Flavoured Potato Chips (please bring them back), the Echidna, the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, Australia Post Stamps, I loved how I was able to whack Nicole on a letter!!...oh and congrats to Geoffrey Rush, who was named Australian of the Year 2012, Australian Rules Football....there is nothing like it in the world, Go Swans!, The Waratah, the national flower of NSW, the Macadamia nut, the only plant food native to Australia.  The iced Vovo biscuit...marshmallow, jam and coconut on a plain biscuit...yum! A hamburger with beetroot, a taste sensation and Promite, you can keep your Vegemite, this is my spread of choice....no longer Australian owned but still manafactured in Australia and lastly Mooloolaba, my favourite holiday destination on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

So whatever you choose to do on Australia Day, remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, and thinking of those up north and pray the rains stop for you soon.

Enjoy, Vicki x

PS...I did say that there would be no further blog posts this week....being a public holiday I'm allowed to stay up on a school night!!

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Land of Nod....

At the moment I feel like I'm in a constant daze of tiredness....getting up earlier, working longer hours at my full time job, and getting home later is wearing thin.....what I really want to be doing is this.

But I tend to be doing more of this....

So whilst I get myself such much needed sleep this week and try and knock this tiredness on the head, there will be no blog for the remainder of the week. I want to do a couple of hours of knitting each night and try getting to bed a little earlier than the midnight it normally is.

I'm also going to try and get myself a bit more organised before I go to bed, such as find something to wear the night before and iron it so it's ready to put on, make my lunch and have my bag packed and ready at the back door......and hopefully this better organisation should give me an extra hour in bed in the morning....so if I can catch some extra zzzzz's it might be all the difference I need.

Enjoy your week everyone, and see you next weekend.

vicki x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cause if you like it you shoulda put a Pin on it!!

I suppose you're all now familiar with Pinterest....the online mood boards as I refer to them....your online space in this world to collate your collections with absolute ease.....visually collecting the things which you want, yet  can't find, can't afford, haven't got the space for, you don't mix in the same circles or it's just logistically impossible.

It still love looking at what people "board up" or "pin"....I think it's a great indicator of the person and the personality type.  I was contacted by a lady in the US who came across my Pinterest page.  We had virtually made up all the same boards, which spooked me out, born in the same month of the year, then we worked out we were born days apart!!

I started Pinterest with great gusto,  but have pulled back a little, I found it was a lot of fun, but it sucked me in and I was spending a huge amount of time on it....so now I pop by once a week or so and check out my boards, see what others are doing, pin a few more pins and then I'm done.

Yesterday I noticed a particular picture I took of a blanket I was knitting, it has been pinned 83 times.....and every time I go back and look, it's jumped up in numbers again.....I don't know what it is about this knitting, maybe just a combination of the colour, the stitches, the board that it's on....I don't know, but I'm pretty pleased that a photo I took has been pinned so many times.

Anyway if you haven't got sucked into the vacuum that is Pinterest I suggest you do, it is a lot of fun, that costs nothing except your time.  If you're looking for my boards they're here or use the link at the side of my page.

I've included some of my favourite pictures or pins here as well.

Till next Time

vicki x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday And The City

It's not that often I go into the city for shopping, but I did have reason to race into Melbourne this morning....I jumped on the tram, remembering how much I hate public transport but it's the easiest way to get in and get out quickly.  
I hate the crowds, and knowing that the Australian Open Tennis is on,  the Lego exhibition is on & because it's overcast it makes it the perfect day for shopping so everyone is out and about.....I knew there were going to be people everywhere.....and there was. 

I had to go to Tiffany & Co as I have a necklace to be repaired and cleaned, and a trip into the city always involves a hot chocolate at the Lindt Cafe which happens to be right next door to Tiffany in Collins Street, very convenient....a dash into Zara in the Mall and then to pick up some yarn that was on hold.  On the way out I walked past the City Square, only to find some Yarn Bombers.......Lucky I always pack my camera now.

So on a grey day in Melbourne, enjoy the splendour of colour.

And all to get this......

Now I have plenty of knitting to do.  Enjoy your Saturday.

Vicki x