Friday 28 September 2012

A Sad Strange Week.....

It's been an odd week this week in Melbourne, I've been elated that my football team has made it to the Grand Final tomorrow....but there has also been a terrible sadness overshadowing everything else with the abduction and tragic death of a vibrant young woman in inner city Melbourne.  Strangely the weather has turned bitterly cold over the last 12 hours as well and is expected to stay like this all weekend, funnily I thought we'd seen the last of this Winter weather.

I've just kept myself busy and haven't really felt like leaving the house.

Finished my second Noro blanket, received a delivery of vintage Pyrex from the US via Etsy.  A purchase of an apple green handbag for Summer from here.  Cooked beetroot tart tartin from this recipe book River Cottage Veg Everyday Cookbook or find the recipe's delicious. Finished some hat orders, and finally started my first lot of ready to ship CASH hats for my Etsy store which should re-open in early October.

Best of luck to my footy team.....Go Swannies

Vic x

Sunday 23 September 2012

And the Winner is.....

The winner of the CLOVER giveaway is entrant No 15.....Renee Nowad.  Thank you to all of those that entered and I wish I could make you all a hat.

Giveaways at dover & madden are going to be changing.....I've decided that I will randomly choose someone that purchases one of my hats through my Etsy store and give them a full refund of their purchase price...yes they will get their hat for free. Details to come.  So this will be the last giveaway of it's kind.

But for now congratulations Renee, you will need to contact me at with your size, and colour choice of your hat.

thanks again Vicki x

Friday 21 September 2012

Blanket Beginnings Again.....

I don't know what it is about me and blankets at the moment....I love the slow methodical, almost mesmerizing work that a crochet blanket brings....I love the time it takes, the growth of the work, the changing of it as you add new squares, rows and colours and the satisfaction that they bring on completion....I'm afraid I don't get that with knitting hats.....and as much as I hate to say it, after being sick for a week or so, I wouldn't care if I never knitted another hat again....I could happily make blankets for the rest of my life!!

As much as I do need to finish what I already have on offer....I did start a new blanket with little flowers from the leftovers from this blanket.....I tested the pattern and I got the effect I wanted, but I'll pop this away for another time.

I'm moving on with the boys Noro, after finishing the little one for the girls....thought I needed to even up the gender in-balance...too many blankets for girls and not enough for little boys....Can't wait to see this completed.


Thursday 20 September 2012

Another One Bites The Dust....

My Noro Silk Circle Blanket is now completed....and a beautiful blanket it is....Sold already and on the way to its new owner.  Pattern is here, a really fun crochet pattern to do.

Sorry that things have been a little quiet around here....I'm just getting over my second bout of flu for the season and I'm still a little slow and sluggish....Once things pick up I promise I'll blog a little more.

Enjoy Vicki x

Tuesday 11 September 2012

A Giveaway Promise is a Promise.....

 **Note by me....Due to not feeling overly well, I'm full up with the flu, I'm extending the giveaway till the end of the week, when I'm feeling a little better.  Continue to enter and I'll see you when I wake from my flu slumber....thanks Vicki**

It is time for a little hat giveaway....Perfect timing for those in the Northern Hemisphere and time for stashing away for next year for those of you in the South.  This little giveaway is open to all, local, interstate and overseas.

I'm giving away my newest little hat CLOVER in the colour of your choice.  All you need to do is leave a comment below the post just stating your name and just the country you come from, and the winner will be announced here next Sunday night the 16th Sept at around 8pm.  It will be a random draw using

You get to pick the size and colour of your hat.  The hat comes in 4 sizes.  3M to 6M, 6M to 12M, 12M to 24M and 24M to around 48M....the colour chart is also shown so you can have a think about it.

You can have the hat in either two pictured with little earflaps and to bow under the chin, or (picture coming)  this little hat turned into a beanie, with a wide band, so two options.

I think that's catch, just enter away and once the colour and style has been chosen, the hat should be two to three weeks in the making.

Also you don't need to be a member of my blog to enter, when leaving a comment just use  "Anonymous" from the drop down box but just be sure to leave your details in the comments box. 

Good luck.  vicki x

Sunday 9 September 2012

Blanket Endings...

I think this is truly my favourite item I have ever made.....I just can't stop staring at it.......Scrumptious, big, bright bold baby blanket!!  Love, love, love.  There is some info about this blanket at the bottom of the post.

If you need to know more about this blanket here is some help for you.

Enjoy, Vicki x

Wednesday 5 September 2012


New hat.  Little Clover.  This one has been a real struggle for me.....I had to learn how to decrease in a pattern.  Most of my other hats decrease into stocking stitch, so no brain stretch really!!  Now that I think I've mastered it, hopefully I can adapt this decrease to other lace patterns.  As this hat is gender neutral, I did try and pick a pattern that was not really pretty and lacy....I loved the chevron style of this pattern, and it was a good pattern to adapt.

Hope you like it as much as I do....I'm a little bit smitten with Clover.  Coming soon to my Etsy store.

Vicki x