Wednesday 12 October 2011


Things don't often stay the same forever and I've decided I need to make a few changes.  Some of you may know, I recently changed jobs....I won't go into why, but some significant changes came out of it.....

A new job that I love that gives me no responsibility other than turning up to work on time....I leave all the stuff at the door and no longer have to put up with the toxic atmosphere and management bull***t that was my previous workplace.  I work with a great bunch of people now doing a job that I'm happy to do. 

The second change was a rather large salary's amazing how you adapt to your new income. It's surprised me how much money I wasted on items I just didn't need....I've had to make a few sacrifices.....but overall I'm coping.  The rent is still being paid, I'm coping with the bills... .a bigger income certainly made things more comfortable but I think at the end of the day my personal happiness is more important than a large paycheck.

Thirdly my working day is slightly longer.....I guess the one thing I did like about my previous job was that I left the building at 5.05pm and I was generally home at new job keeps me at work to the time I get out of the building and walk the 16 minutes through the Docklands to my car....I'm not getting home till around this is where the biggest change comes in.

I am no longer going to be knitting to time in the evening is shorter and I can't get through the orders as quickly as I did previously... I just don't want to keep people waiting any longer than what I consider reasonable for a Dover & Madden hat....It was with much deliberation that I decided to finally...because it's been on the agenda before...change my business to suit MY time now....You can read about it here.  It's a big step for me, but one I think will allow me some free time, experiment a bit more, make some new items, and finally spend some me time, and rescue a few fractured family relationships!

Now the serious stuff is are some minor changes I'm going to make.

I started another one of these blankets pictured...I'd gifted two because the owner of the pattern doesn't allow the selling of finished products from her patterns which is fair enough and as a fellow crafter I respect her terms of the sale of the pattern.

So I combined my love of the alpaca border with my Baby Bullseye circles made in Cashmerino

and came up with these...

A combination of two of my favourite yarns with a pattern that I've created that I can sell....Yippeee.  This blanket will be in softer colours, more muted colours leaving out the vibrant colours....although as you can see I have included choc brown as there always needs to be spots of light and dark in a mixed colour blanket in my own opinion.

Another change is a blanket that is long overdue for Niece no 1.....after much thought I changed her blanket from a Granny Stripe that I did for her sister...Niece no 2 to a ripple blanket all inspired by Attic 24.

This blanket again is not floating my boat....I came across this blanket.

Isn't it a is courtesy of mamatoabigail as it's her blanket.  So I think Niece No 1 will love it, and it will be a bit more interesting for me to make...instead of going back and forward on a ripple, I can now go round and round in circles.

So there you go, some big changes some small, but changes all the same....I for one say "Embrace Change"

Until next time

vicki x


  1. I am in love with your squares. I spend most nights coming up with ideas for my own pattern granny squares. It's hilarious atvthe amount of funny little squaresvarevall hanging out in my basket. Love your hats. Congrats on your new chapter

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment...I had a a sneak peek at your blog just now whilst eating breakfast....I'm going to have a longer look tonight when I get home...thanks for stopping by!


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