Sunday 23 October 2011

My local.......

I had to pop down to my local this morning.....That's my local yarn store.  From time to time I have to run down and pop in to the Wool Baa as I've run out of something.....most of my yarn I now buy wholesale, but the Wool Baa has all the bits and bobs I normally need to finish something off.

The Wool Baa is nestled in Bridport Street, Albert Park amongst all the cute little coffee shops.  It's a fantastic little shopping strip with a village feel to it where A list celebs visit and get left alone, not even the locals bother with them....I've sighted Hugh Jackman, Tom, Katie and Suri, Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce, both Minogue sisters just to name a few.... so a hop, skip and jump from me and the place I often take my knitting to on the weekend for a cup of tea and a chat with the wonderful staff who keep me amused with all their woolly stories.

One of the reasons I love this place is the owner Leonie went out on a limb and decided to manufacture her own knitting yarn under the name of Adorn's sold exclusively in her shop and it's a yarn that needs to be highlighted.  She has an 8ply or DK or Sportsweight yarn in merino and silk, a 4ply or fingering weight yarn in merino, silk and cashmere and an 8ply cotton cashmere mix.  Leonie loves colour so she wasn't afraid to be bright with the 8ply and the 4ply for babies has some lovely soft muted colours.

The 8ply silky merino is my's machine washable, has an amazing sheen to it from the silk, has the most amazing bounce to it once it's knitted and the colours are fab and I use it for my little textured baby bonnets...this one in Blush Pink.

And I use the 4ply in some of my Dimple Hats....mostly the silver grey....this gorgeous photo sent in by one of my customers.

Look at the array of beautiful colours......

Here's a link to the Wool Baa.  They ship internationally as well as locally and have a great range of other yarns, books, buttons, patterns that Leonie has designed herself and jewellery.

Here's a few more pics from my visit this morning.

So if you're ever in Melbourne or in Albert Park pop in and say hi to the girls....get yourself a great coffee and also grab some great Japanese food at my favourite restaurant a bit further up the road called Eis and you never know who you might see down there!

Happy crafting.

vicki x

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  1. Holy Moly...I would be in heaven here :) seriously, you would not be able to get me to leave.
    I miss having access to a bricks and mortar wool shop...I am such a textile girl that I love to touch and see yarn before I buy it.


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