Monday 31 October 2011

WIPs, UFOs and USOs.....How many do you have?

WIPs, UFOs and USOs......What is she talking about?  I'm talking about works in progress, unfinished objects and unstarted objects.....the acronyms of the crafter!!  Well a WIP is definitely one, but I don't hear the other 2 used that often so maybe I've just made them up......but they are soooo suitable for me.

I always like to have lots of projects on the go, and as long as they get a weekly going over, whether that's taken out of the knitting bag or storage box or some work done on them even if it's just a row knitted or a square does not fit into any of the above 3 acronyms. 

A project only becomes one of the above three acronyms if it hasn't been touched in about a month or so....let me explain......

Firstly the WIP, the Work in Progress....this is a project I'm still craving to do, but time has just got away but it's going to get finished sooner rather than later.  Here are some of those.....

The Raspberry Ripple as it has become known as, I'm itching to get this finished, so it is my No.1 WIP.

Another WIP is my pastel Circle in a Square project.....I started this in Kyneton around 5 weeks ago....this project I'm loving....the pretty, pretty pastels make such a nice change to the bright yarns I normally work with and the white borders are pure white, some of you will know my stance on white!!....All in merino, silk and cashmere.

My new Baby Bullseye with alpaca borders....I've decided I'm going to be making one boy blanket and one girl blanket.....I've got all the colours sorted and this project is another one I'm itching to pick up and get moving on.

Now the next category is the UFO or the Unfinished object....this item was started with great gusto and for whatever reason I just lost interest, or it just seemed to be such a big project, or something better came's normally the latter!!

This cardigan I started for myself around 2 years you can see I'm a quarter of the way up the back and that's it really.  I have all the yarn to finish it, and when I pulled it out to finish it, I did feel a little bad. It's a complicated pattern, all cables, so it's hard to do whilst watching the TV, so I think that's why it got rested then forgotten.  Anyway I've popped it in the *freezer along with all the yarn to finish it and I think it's going to be moving up to a WIP!!

and what it will eventually look like when completed.....

Another is a crochet cushion just made out of leftover 10ply cotton.....just mixed colours.  I'm doing up a couple of chairs, one that I sit on to type here at the computer, and it's matching buddy is in the living room....just thought the bedroom or computer chair needed a bit of cheering up with a's only a small project and would only take another couple of hours to finish.

Baby Cashmerino cabled coat for my Etsy store.....enough said.

and finally a tweed wool baby blanket.....

The last category is the USO, or the Unstarted object....the yarn was purchased but the project never got underway......embarrassing really.
Eco Organic Cotton Baby Pullover for my Etsy Store.....

Again more cotton for little striped cardigans for my Etsy store.

And lastly my collection of vintage Fuzzy Wuzzy yarn, all put aside for some limited edition baby booties.

So there you have it.......the shame of the crafter, and I know I'm not alone......How many of you have hidden projects all stashed away from prying eyes, yet continue to bring more crafty goodness into your home? 

Do tell......

Until next time.

Vicki x

*Freezer....just a tip for some of you....I store all my yarn in plastic tubs, for cleanliness and to keep any little critters out of it (really only refers to wool, silk or cashmere).....the project in question has been in storage for some time, so for piece of mind I always wrap these up in a plastic bag and put them in the deep freeze....if there are any critters in the yarn they freeze to death....the project comes out of the freezer for 12 hours then back in for a final 48 hours.  I have heard of infestations of critters in wool....touch wood I'm very vigilant and use cedar and lavender in all my storage tubs just to be sure. so I can't say I've ever had a problem.


  1. I have at least 8-10 projects going at a time and so much yarn 'ready' for when I'm desperate to start something new that I'm almost swamped. One question for you, how do you get a license to sell Debbie Bliss garments? I've read in the pattern books they are not for sale but I've never investigated it further.

  2. Yes that is true Megan...DB items are not for sale....but a striped V Neck cardigan pattern is virtually in every childrens knitting pattern book available from the year dot and so is a garter stitch jumper. The knitting books just provide the pretty pictures to match the pretty wool....but as most of do....we take our inspiration from somewhere.

  3. I have so many projects either on the go or waiting to be started that it's a little over whelming. Sometimes I lose the inspiration for something I am working on and put it on the back burner for another day/month/year :)
    I think my problem is having my hand in too many's the reason why I enjoy crochet, it's instant gratification.

    I think if my projects looked as pretty as yours Vicki they would be much easier to pick up.

  4. It is embarrassing how many jewelry projects I have in the works. My lovely little boys don't really offer me enough opportunity to sit down and really enjoy my craft at the moment, but someday I will pick it up again on a regular basis and go!

  5. Make sure you do Justina....I still wear that bracelet you made and I love it...and I still get comments on it....It's a piece of beautiful, wearable art.


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