Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Dover & Madden Hat for the Holidays.

Are you interested in receiving a Dover & Madden hat just in time for the Holiday Season.  I'm thinking of doing a giveaway....One of my beautiful little hats in the colour and style of your choice, just in time to keep those little heads in the Northern Hemisphere warm for Winter.....and for those down here in the Southern'll just have to stash it away till next Winter.  If you're interested pop by my Facebook page and become a fan or leave a comment here expressing your interest and we'll possibly kick if all off over the weekend.

Thanks Vicki x


Photos courtesy of Joy Wright Photography and Peta Mazey Photography Both amazing based in the US and one based in New Zealand....and yes I'm in Australia.  I've never met either of these two ladies but their photography work is outstanding.

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  1. Of course we're interested, Victoria! :-)


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