Sunday 29 January 2012

The Cat is Back.......

Roody the red head is back'll notice I've decorated his space with a couple of pot plants.   They create a bit of ambiance for him, he seems to like them, the plants love the shade, it all works.....and the yellow orangey plastic pot goes so well with his coat!! 

ps...The plant in the yellow orangey pot had virtually one leaf on it when it was saved from the dumpster, some food, natural light and lots of love and care, and it's nearly outgrown its first ever plant success.....story might be different with the Cymbidium Orchid....found that out in the street after the spike of flowers had died...someone no longer wanted it....picked it up carried it home....and fingers crossed I can get a bloom out of it this year.....I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy, Vicki x


  1. I love the colors in this shot Vicki....being a ginger myself I am rather partial to marmalade cats!

  2. Amber from Altona - Would love a Large :)


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