Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cause if you like it you shoulda put a Pin on it!!

I suppose you're all now familiar with Pinterest....the online mood boards as I refer to them....your online space in this world to collate your collections with absolute ease.....visually collecting the things which you want, yet  can't find, can't afford, haven't got the space for, you don't mix in the same circles or it's just logistically impossible.

It still love looking at what people "board up" or "pin"....I think it's a great indicator of the person and the personality type.  I was contacted by a lady in the US who came across my Pinterest page.  We had virtually made up all the same boards, which spooked me out, born in the same month of the year, then we worked out we were born days apart!!

I started Pinterest with great gusto,  but have pulled back a little, I found it was a lot of fun, but it sucked me in and I was spending a huge amount of time on now I pop by once a week or so and check out my boards, see what others are doing, pin a few more pins and then I'm done.

Yesterday I noticed a particular picture I took of a blanket I was knitting, it has been pinned 83 times.....and every time I go back and look, it's jumped up in numbers again.....I don't know what it is about this knitting, maybe just a combination of the colour, the stitches, the board that it's on....I don't know, but I'm pretty pleased that a photo I took has been pinned so many times.

Anyway if you haven't got sucked into the vacuum that is Pinterest I suggest you do, it is a lot of fun, that costs nothing except your time.  If you're looking for my boards they're here or use the link at the side of my page.

I've included some of my favourite pictures or pins here as well.

Till next Time

vicki x


  1. I love being able to keep track of all that inspires me via Pinterest but it can be a huge time waster.

    Yellow seems the be the colour of the moment so I can see why your blanket would be so popular...the colour and stitch are both gorgeous :)


    1. Thanks Tammi....and the yellow yarn I purchased yesterday....little retro Dimple Hats coming soon!!

  2. i love seeing my beautiful blanket everywhere! xx.


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