Monday 16 January 2012


I came across this on Facebook today. Thanks to Lil Miss Macaron as it was on her page, but I believe it has been circulating.

Too true.  There are genuine talented people out there that can come up with an idea and then have the vision to follow it through to a finished product....I tend to think the talented people will always be one step ahead, ever evolving, ever changing, always developing and always innovative.

I always say "Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery, it's just a complete lack of imagination".

And in the word of Gerard Butler.....Nuff said!

Day 16


  1. I have to say I dont have a designers bone in my body so I'm a 'copycat' not one that would take credit for something I didn't design I just knit from patterns that I have bought, but I do know of some-one that claims/sells as her designs when its blatant they are copies and just the necessary changes to avoid copyright!

    1. Hi Maureen....we all knit from patterns so I'm with you there and fine if there for personal use. A lot of my vintage patterns are sourced from the originals, making sure I abide by all copyright laws, so I've had to do my research. What bothers me is just people that look at your work...know you sell a lot of it and just then copy with no regard for the time and effort you've put into designing the said item, whether it be a hat, a soft toy, an outfit, the colour the style etc....and don't get me started on passing off something as your design when it's not!!

  2. Amen!
    This is so true and something seen a lot in this day and age where the value of handmade is becoming trendier.

    1. So true Tammi. And I think that is true of people that can sew, knit, crochet, craft but don't have the vision or the know how to create something new and different....these are the people that just set up a business and think I can do that, and just look around to imitate others.....I noted that with a certain type of childrens dress and ruffle pants....they're all making the same thing buying their fabric from the same place so all the dresses look the same and then each claiming that it's their design, rubbish, I made that same dress for a friends daughter from a pattern purchased at a place that sells funky fabric!.....but then you have 3 kittens, rowantree designs, hannah lea, mellebug who clearly have done some sort of pattern design and make their clothing from scratch designing their own patterns so as to be different....and their work then stands out because it's not repeating the same dress pattern.


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