Wednesday 25 January 2012

I Love A Sunburnt Country.....

Thursday 26th January is Australia Day , our national holiday.  In celebration of Australia Day I thought I might share some of my favourite Australian things....our colourful Currency, Bega Cheese Flavoured Potato Chips (please bring them back), the Echidna, the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, Australia Post Stamps, I loved how I was able to whack Nicole on a letter!!...oh and congrats to Geoffrey Rush, who was named Australian of the Year 2012, Australian Rules Football....there is nothing like it in the world, Go Swans!, The Waratah, the national flower of NSW, the Macadamia nut, the only plant food native to Australia.  The iced Vovo biscuit...marshmallow, jam and coconut on a plain biscuit...yum! A hamburger with beetroot, a taste sensation and Promite, you can keep your Vegemite, this is my spread of longer Australian owned but still manafactured in Australia and lastly Mooloolaba, my favourite holiday destination on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

So whatever you choose to do on Australia Day, remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, and thinking of those up north and pray the rains stop for you soon.

Enjoy, Vicki x

PS...I did say that there would be no further blog posts this week....being a public holiday I'm allowed to stay up on a school night!!


  1. Well I certainly agree on most of those selections except of course the Vegemite!!! Definitely agree on the hamburger with beetroot yum!! And Mooloolaba is my absolute favourite beach (we were lucky to have a week there this hols)
    I have woken to glorious sun today so hopefully we might get a half decent Australia Day before the rain comes back....and boy have we had some rain!!! We have been lucky so far and haven't been too affected except detours for road closures.
    Have a great day Vicki...this is one of my favourite public holidays :)
    Ah as I am writing this I am listening to must add them to your list!

  2. I'm a marmite girl myself, I find the taste of vegemite too strong and it's not that common in the country where I grew up :)
    Ditto on the beetroot in a burger, they are never quite the same without it.
    The Sunshine Coast is a favourite of ours too, infact we are heading to Brisbane next week for a much needed family holiday and will definitely be hitting the Coast for a few days :)
    Happy Australia Day Vicki.

  3. Hi Vicki
    Happy Australia Day to you to. I must admit I was a little surprised to see you blog pop up! Isn't it just wonderful being an Aussie! I love the waratha it has so much character, it stands very proud. I just dislike how the then premier what's his name (Mr nobody) changed the Logo and now our NSW emblem looks like a Lotus flower!


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