Friday 20 January 2012

Young At Heart.....

I remember my childhood so vividly.....happy times growing up in the 1970's, lots of holidays, swings, pools, beaches, just being kids, the things we did, my oh my!!

I'm always the chubby one that occasionally smiled but generally looked unhappy and usually eating!!  My brother was Houdini....always trying to escape, so most of the time he was strapped into a pram and my sister was always smiling.

Leanne and I, 1968, not sure where this was taken.

Me in the background, Leanne on the high swing, and a neighbour, 1971 in our back yard.

Me in the pram at the Melbourne Zoo, 1968.

My very handsome Dad, Tony with my sister and a family friend Peter, 1969, Stanhope.

My Mum was so cool....a lover of clothes, I know where my love of fashion comes from now.
Inverloch 1971

Stanhope 1974.  Our family and family friends used to go up to a dairy farm in country Victoria every year.  The family who ran the dairy farm would come down to Melbourne and stay in one of our was really a house swap.  We ran the dairy farm for 2 weeks every Easter for many years.....such fun fun times....driving tractors, herding cows, collecting the stray kittens, chickens and ducks, playing in the hay shed with no fear of snakes, frightening the bulls until they frightened us....and sitting at the pianola inside the farm house pedalling those tunes out as fast as our little legs could go.

Leanne and I, yes I was probably eating the chicken feed!!

Look at my Mum's beehive hairdo.....1968.

In my parents bedroom.  We used to ride these bikes up and down the hallway, back and forward as fast as our legs would scoot.

Me, Glenhuntly pool 1968

My brother Greg, 1973.....always had his sleeves rolled up for some reason.

Anyway, that's a little peek into my time travels on so quickly, it only seems like yesterday, and now we're all in our 40's....Dad has gone, he passed away in 2006, but Mum is still kicking around and heading towards 72.  She still loves a holiday, she still loves her fashion....and she still loves the sun!!


  1. Well that brings back little sisters had ride along horses like that too. One of them was missing a handle and unbeknownst to my Mother she put her keys in the hole. Mum spent ages looking for them until we heard them rattling in the horse!! Such memories to have :)

    1. I've popped you on the blog roll Ann, now I can check in with you. Vic x

  2. Hi Vicki, thanks for sharing your old familt photos! Im staying with my brother on the gol coast this weekend so will definately raid his photo stash, which will bring a tear to my eye, no doubt. I love the pram you are riding in , and a bit of a chuckle over your harness. And of ourse those fabulous galloping ponies, but what are thr rollers for. Can you remember where you were going?

    1. Hi Roberta....I did share a little tear last night when looking at that photo of my Dad, to say I miss him is an understatement. He had the kindest eyes, I was always Dad's my mind. Anyway the rollers in the hair....I think deep down, my Mum always wanted children with curly hair, alas not to be, so it didn't matter what the occasion, we had foam rollers in our hair. I always remember standing there whilst Mum rolled up our hair...I even remember Dad doing it once or twice. My hair didn't really grow much back then, so Leanne had the roller thing going on a lot more then I ever did!! Funnily enough Leanne and my Mum love a hot roller or a curling wand still.

  3. These photos are great Vicki, love your rompers, I'm glad to see so many 'vintage' styles making their way back. Now if only I had a little girl to dress....such great memories, and your cheeks - I bet they were squeezed a lot!


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