Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cautious With Colour?

Colour is such a subjective you play it safe so people will purchase your little hats, or do you go out there with colour so your little one stands out, hopefully for all the right reasons. 

These little Lumiere hats which are inspired by a 1970's pattern took colour inspiration also from the 1970's.....teal and wheat green, and plum pink and mustard.....too much?  Need to see how the little ones look once the photos come back from the photographers.

What are your thoughts on colour on babies, toddlers and kids?

Vicki x


  1. Vicki people buy your hats for their beauty and individuality...including colour schemes. :)

  2. You are always so spot on with colour Vicki! I hope you don't mind but I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award, see my blog for details.

  3. Vicki I adore colour on babies and toddlers which I think is why I am so drawn to your designs, not only are the styles themselves gorgeous but you have an eye for combining colour in such a way that it really grabs your attention.

  4. Vicki, being older than you I used to play it safe, with the white, lemon, pale blue, pink and green. Now I just love the brighter colours, to me they seem "Happy" and love to see what colour combination you come up..


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