Saturday 24 March 2012

It's A Numbers Game....

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to remove the "Dover & Madden" followers from the side of my page....I didn't have a huge amount of followers anyway, but I know I have a huge amount of readers which is just fantastic for a little blog that just bobs along about all things me....behind the scenes I can see that you all come from far and wide and I love that.  It's a bit like Facebook....people just keep going on about the numbers and in my mind it's not a popularity poll.  I'm just glad people stop and read every now and again, that's what is important.

I do find this blogging lark really hard... at the moment I'm finding it difficult to come up with content every couple of days.....but now that I'm starting a new casual  job on Monday that fits in with my knitting world, in a different part of town out in the suburbs, it might be a bit more news worthy and I'll have a bit more free time!

Update on my Weight Watchers I head into week 3.  Weigh in last night and I lost 900 grams....just under 1 kilo, so my total loss in 2 weeks is 2.4kg....right on target.  I haven't denied myself anything...and I mean anything.  My diet is certainly healthier and I'm exercising more, and I'm less tired, so all of this is adding up to a good thing.

For those of you on Facebook....I'm doing a hat giveaway over on my FB page commencing tomorrow night (Sunday night in my parts).  As it's coming into the Southern Hemisphere Winter....I thought it would be nice to kick off the cold weather with a free hat to someone lucky.  The hat this time is a "Dottie" hat as pictured below....and it comes in 3 sizes ranging from 3M up to 24M, so stop by my d&m FB page....the link to my  page is on the side of this blog and details will be up tomorrow night.

Things might be a little quiet around here whilst I settle into some sort of routine next week, but rest assured I'll be thinking about some blog posts whilst I'm away.

Vicki x


  1. I have considered doing the same in the past Vicki, but I love to be able to follow blogs that I enjoy and wanted to give my readers that option too...though if I could figure out how to remove just the amount of followers rather than the actual follow button I'll be happy :)
    You are doing so well with your weightloss, keep up the great work. I hope easing into your new role goes well.


  2. I still have my blog roll going on Tammi, and I still read all these blogs and I continue to add blogs that inspire me down the side of the page, but I just decided I didn't need the followers down the side of the page, they know who they are, and so do I, so I felt that was ok to remove just becomes too much of a competition if you get where I'm coming from. People can still subscribe to my blog and can also email subscribe and that's ok....but I noticed some of the very popular blogs don't have this feature of followers down the side of their page, and I decided that was for disrespect to those that follow...It just means their lovely faces aren't smiling down the side of my page anymore, but if they have a blog, it's probably in my roll.


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