Sunday, 11 March 2012

Shopping For The Soul

I've been a bit naughty....I've done a bit too much online shopping this week!!  I had to source some yarn from the US that isn't available in Australia.  This yarn is for a project for a friend.  I had to use the services of 

I don't know if anyone else uses this service, but it's linked to Paypal and the US company purchases the items for you on your behalf, ship them to their warehouse in Portland Oregon, and once everything you've ordered is there, you're contacted and they ship all of your items together in one package, once you've paid for it of course.  I have used this service before and I only use it when the US company doesn't ship to Australia. 

So as I had to get this yarn I thought I'd throw in a few J Crew sneaky purchases as well as a bit of an incentive for when I get a few kilos off.

Navy and White Cotton jumper.

and Wreath Green Silk Blouse.

The last couple of years I've been drawn to navy blue for some reason...and I love love love this green and tend to be drawn to it all of the time now....again it works well with black, navy and grey.  And as far as that yarn goes......Knit Picks Chroma in Prism, Superhero and Mixed names.

I can't say I've ever made anything with variegated yarn before so I'm looking forward to using it once it arrives. 

Well thank goodness next week is pay day as the piggy bank is looking a little bare!!

Vicki x

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