Sunday 18 March 2012

Sunday Night Silly.....

Well it's been a lock in here at dover & madden headquarters.....The Formula 1 Grand Prix has been on at Albert Park just a hop, skip and a jump away from me.....Oh the noise, it's a 4 day event, bit bothersome to us locals, streets are blocked off, trams are replaced by buses, because the people going to the Grand Prix are more important than transporting the normal folk about their normal day to day business....but it is only once a year, and it's done and dusted.

The only thing I love about the Grand Prix is the Qantas Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet flyover....this year for some reason the jet went in a different direction, it normally goes straight over the top of my apartment block, shakes us to the core, and some years it's been flying that low that you can actually see the pilot....I did take some footage this year.  Something silly for Sunday can tell I got a little stir crazy being inside the whole know you hit a new low when you're taking footage of planes!! Train Plane spotting let's say!!

Have a good week all


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  1. I feel even more cabin bound because I WATCHED your video!! ;)


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