Saturday 17 March 2012

The Week That Was.....

Gosh where do I start....a lot has happened in the past week, all good I must add.  Some of you may remember this post around 6 months ago.

I had just come out of a job that ended with me being forced to turned out ok, I hated working there, the only good thing about the place was some of the people I worked with, and still see and have contact with now from time to time....and the payout I received.

It wasn't a great time to be looking for work 6 or so months ago...and it's even worse now.  The state of Victoria where I live is officially in recession....some of the large corporations especially the banking sector are dumping staff at a rate of knots, but I was lucky to find a job in customer service (not my area of expertise) in Australia's largest department store, not my ideal job but it did pay the bills.

Around a month ago a job came up at a Market Research company...the exact same job I did in my job I was let go from....these jobs never come up.  Then the worst thing happened my computer blew up taking my resume and all my work documentation with it....I didn't have the energy to try and think my way back through my last 20 years of employment to make up a resume just to apply for this job....thus it wasn't meant to be....I was a bit disappointed, but I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason.

Now a month on, I sat outside last week with a colleague at my customer service job, we both started around the same time.  Both of us single women in our 40's, both of us have held down responsible job and we were moaning about our current work situation, both of us working way below our capabilities and our earning capacity....I said to my colleague that's it, I'm doing something about this.....and I have, a week on I have a brand new job back in Market Research and I start next Monday week.  The power of positive thinking.

I feel pretty chuffed that I've turned things around in a week.  I'm not doing the management role that I did in my previous MR job,  this is a supervising role that fits in perfectly with dover & madden...I work from 3pm in the afternoon till 9pm at night, I will be working around 30 hours a week, and more if and when needed.

I'll miss out on all the commuter traffic going to work, I have my mornings free to knit and do some long overdue exercise.  I can take that pilates class in the morning now....and when the call came through on Thursday about the job, you couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

So in hindsight I don't think the other job was for me....I think this was the job that was waiting for me.  If there is a down side to this new job, it's the location.  It is situated in the largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere Chadstone Shopping Centre ...for people like me who love shopping this creates big big problem....budget wise...but it might just be a good problem to have!

And just an update on the Weight Watchers weigh in....first way in last night....1.5kg down, in the old scale that is a 3lb's and 3 ounces.  Happy with the result, didn't feel I'd deprived myself of anything, did enough exercise.....I did go looking for a pair of trousers last night and after seeing myself in change room mirrors, I did realise I have a way to go, I did look a bit lumpy and bumpy, and I certainly have Michelle Obama arm envy, but I'll get there.  I'm working on small scale at the moment, so my aim is for another 4.5 kilos in the next 6 weeks....I'll keep you posted.

And one other thing....for those that leave comments, please be assured that they are all read and much appreciated.

Oh and I'm off to see Duran Duran on Monday I'm really showing my age...and here is an image to prove it....gosh look at me...and that 90's haircut!!

I met DD the first time around 1991, here is a pic of me and Nick can also just Simon Le Bon's head in the back ground as well.

We were talking about age, he drew me a picture which I still have and funnily enough he did guess my age to be right!!

The second time was around 2003 and DD were supporting Robbie Williams here in Australia.  A friend of my sister was doing the PR for them and looking after them whilst here in Aus....we had a great night chatting with them in the bar of their hotel here in Melbourne....John Taylor was in fine form, very entertaining I remember, we were all having too much fun to take any photos and my memories of that night are all in my head, happy times!  Anyway I've really deviated from my original post, and this has gone on way tooooo long. So....

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

and post script....I've been named on two blogs this week....check them out.  Ché and Fidel and Denise Burridge Photography .  I knew the post with Denise was coming up as she made me answer some questions....just a little bit more about me and D&M.

vicki x


  1. It's amazing how things always have a way of working out just how they should. Congrats on your new position Vicki and also on your weight loss, that is a pretty impressive amount :)
    I wasn't that into DD but my girlfriends at college were crazy over them...enjoy the show.


  2. Wow, there has been a bit happening around in your world. Great job on the weight loss - something I need to work on. Have a great time with Duran Duran


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