Thursday 19 April 2012


I've spent the last 3 days about an hour out of Melbourne at my Aunt and Uncles property in Kyneton.  I don't wander far from the place as I do go there specifically to work on dover & madden stuff and just to get away from the madness of Melbourne and take in the peace and quiet that country life brings. 

I'll be heading back there on Monday and hopefully this time I can take in the Grace Kelly Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery, drop into the Bendigo Woollen Mills and take in the Anzac Day Parade in the main street of Kyneton.

vicki x


  1. Looks lovely. I can feel the tension leaving my body just by looking at the pics. I can't imagine how relaxed you must feel now.

  2. Enjoy! Loving the chevron crochet. X

  3. That looks like the perfect getaway. I would love to visit Bendigo Mills.


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