Thursday 10 May 2012

A Blog, Facebook and Pinterest Break Is The New Black!!

I jokingly said on my Facebook page a couple of days ago that I noticed a lot of bloggers were taking a break from their blogs.....and I used the status update "Taking a break from blogging is the new black....apparently!"

After thinking about know what, I think I really feel the same way.  For the last couple of weeks I've really been struggling with a lot of things....dover & madden and trying to make sure orders get out on time without people getting pissed off.  Casual work....budgeting for when there is a lot of work and when there is not so much work.  Family issues.....too messy to go into....and just a general feeling of being a bit fed up and trying to appear upbeat when in actual fact I'm not....please don't worry I'm not conditioned to any sort of mental illness....and yes my GP can confirm's just a feeling of getting my life back to what it was before all of this other stuff got in the way.

I think I'm spending way too much time on social networking sites and getting despondent when people de fan my d&m page or I don't get any validation on my blog....and then I end up wondering what I'm doing wrong. It's really a very hard task to keep others happy and entertained when sometimes you just don't want to or you just do it because you feel you have to and you're then caught up in this a hamster on a wheel and you can't get off!  As much as I've met a lot of very lovely people through my contact in the computer world I to have decided I am going to take a break from all of I'm joining the new black!

I'm going to be spending a bit of time, getting my house in order and when I say house I mean the whole lot, home, family, health, finances and work sorted.  I'm also going to do a bit of a re-think about how I really want to see dover & madden continue....I think more than anything I'm just putting myself under too much pressure and the love I have for my little business is slowly diminishing and I just don't want it to become something that I resent.

So as of this Sunday night...the end of the week, all will be shut down.  My madeit and etsy stores will be closing for a time, FB will be de-activated and my blog will remain just as it is, but with no further posts....and when I feel ready to face the computer world again I will. 

Of course I will be finishing all orders that have been placed in my stores....and more than likely whilst I am taking a break, I will be knitting or crocheting ....all those WIP will get a good going over.

So this will be the last post for a while, so thanks for popping by and reading my little blog, and I'll see you all on the flip side.

Vicki x


  1. Sounds great Vicki. Agree it can all become a little too much and people can be so critical sometimes and they actually have no idea the work that goes in to running your own small biz, especially a handmade one! I think you do an amazing job, enjoy your break.


  2. I completely understand. Social media can bring great things into one's life but it can also be a burden and detract from things that are truly important.
    Enjoy your break and know that all your fans appreciate the hard work you put in :)

  3. Well said Vicki. If this all becomes a chore you can then lose your passion. You really are a talented craftswoman and obviously love what you do so a break is just what you need and deserve. Relax and rejuvinate and I am sure we will see you back when you are ready. Anny :)

  4. Hi just discovered you after seeing your hats in the Little One magazine. I happy to hear you are taking a break but disappointed as I would have loved on or 2 of your hats for my girls. But thats ok. iwill wait until you are back, refreshed and rejuvintated.

  5. Social media can become all too consuming if we allow it Vicki hence me stepping back and taking time for my family.
    Enjoy your break away from it all, I'm sure you'll return totally refreshed and inspired :)

  6. devastated but i totally understand. you are the best!

    received my package today. cannot wait till you reopen.

    all the best vicki x x

    ill email you some pictures when i eventually take some

  7. Sounds all too familiar... Going through similar difficulties at the moment and have also been contemplating what I should do about it. Well done on being brave enough to take the actions you have. Hope it all works out for you and you get your life sorted again.
    With best wishes
    ♥ Suzie x

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