Tuesday 1 May 2012

Hello Possum....

It's not unusual to see possums scooting around our apartment block, jumping, cussing, screeching....not a big fan of the Brush Tail Possum....even less of a fan when it's sitting on your back door railing.....There was only one thing to do....walk around the block and enter by the front door.  There is something about a possum guarding your back door that I don't like....half an hour it's still there, basking in the moonlight.

Enjoy Vicki


  1. oh Possums sure are cuter in Australian than in the US.

    1. They look pretty cute in the photos, but this breed are now considered a pest in Australia, and that's been nice about them!! New Zealand have the right idea, they spin their fur into the most beautiful possum yarn!!

  2. What?! Yarn??? Gotta look that up.


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