Sunday 10 June 2012

Grace Kelly

Whizzed up to Bendigo today to finally see the Grace Kelly Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery before it finishes next weekend.

Bendigo turned on the most beautiful sunny day, and now officially more visitors have viewed the Grace Kelly exhibition than residents of Bendigo. It has been the most successful exhibition ever, even out doing the much famed White Wedding Dress Exhibition of last year.

I must say I loved Grace Kelly, my Mum and I used to watch "To Catch A Thief" over and over again for the beautiful gowns she wore in this movie, so I knew I had to see this exhibition and I wasn't disappointed.  She was one of the most beautiful women in the world, with undoubtedly the most stylish wardrobe in the world.

Her style was timeless and a lot of the outfits on display  would not be out of place today. Some of the dresses from the 1970's were some of my favourites.  Clothing that was so exquisitely made and jaw droppingly beautiful.  The detail, the fabrics, the accessories, the colour the design, all just magical.  I think the one thing that surprised me was how tiny she was....not in height because she was around 5ft 7", but the tiniest of waists, and wrists, dresses that I would not have even got my hand through the sleeve!!

Of course it was a no camera  exhibition but I did manage to find some shots on the web, with some of the beautiful outfits that were featured.....and also a beautiful sunny half hour spent wandering through the park, so those photos are mine....Enjoy.

And no trip is complete without coffee and cake on a cold day.

and one dress that I won't forget, was the dress that Grace Kelly wore when she first met a young Lady Diana Spencer in March 1981.  Grace was to die the following year and Diana, 15 years later.

If you are in Victoria, the exhibition ends this coming weekend, I know tickets are in short supply, but if you can get one, you won't be disappointed.

Vic x


  1. Hi Vicki, thankyou so much for sharing, i had no idea this exhibition was on. I adore Grace Kelly, i have her picture on my inspiration board. As usual, lovely pictures, lots of thought behind them ( of course, you). I love the poodle. X

    1. Gosh Rowena, you would just melt with the beauty of the from her private collection, magnificent jewellery, the most fantastic eye glasses as she was very short sighted, and the dresses were just beautiful, and of course that wedding gown just takes your breath away. An exhibition that I would have just kicked myself forever if I had of missed.


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