Monday, 25 June 2012

In The Pink

Last week was one of those weeks were most of the things I made ended up pink, it was really the way the orders fell.  I knit all items in order of purchasing so a succession of pink things happened!.....testing of some new hats next week, will see the run of pinkish things vanish. 

I do love pink, but my imagination stretches a lot further than pink for are a few pinkish things that where cast on and off my needles last week.

Enjoy Vicki x


  1. Your creations are truly beautiful Vicki :)

  2. Oh those hats are adorable. I love the bottom two, the colors look fantastic together.

  3. I love the pattern of the white bonnet!

    all of them are so beautiful, but i really love the white one.
    I'm very curious to know what you are made ​​of white, black and turquoise.
    when I see your creations, I can not wait for the autumn.

    1. I never use black on baby hats, but I think I might just try it, I just love that color combo of black, white and turquoise...stay tuned!!


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