Saturday 16 June 2012

Order in the House....

Well more to the point....Orders in the house, and there has been lots of them.  I did say I would take no knitting orders this Winter, but alas I has only taken me two Winters to learn my lesson, but with dover & madden only being a toddler, we live and learn by our mistakes.

Anyway I've been knitting like a mad woman for the last 6 weeks and battling the most dastardly cold for the last 2 weeks as well, knitting when you're ill is not my type of fun!.  Anyway I've estimated close to 100 hats have left this abode since March, so I'm finally getting to the end of a big big big pile.

Once the last of these little knitted beauties leave here next week, I'm going to breathe a big sigh of for now I'll just knit on.......and put the kettle on again!

Vicki x


  1. Oh dear, extremely busy is probably an understatement. Pity you can't clone 5 more of yourself :)
    I can understand the demand for your knits Vicki, they are exquisitely made.
    Will be keeping my eyes peeled once the last of your custom orders are complete so I can nab a hat for my sister's bub. Will you be giving notice of a store update on fb?
    Hope you manage a bit of down time this weekend and that you get a handle of that cold.
    Feel better soon lovely.

    1. Just contact me directly Tammi, I think you have my email address. Vic x

  2. Wow 100 hats is quite a big order. I love the brown one on top and the lime green one looks very interesting so far. At least whilst knitting all those hats you get to use lots of different colors!

  3. Hi Vicki, Just the though of you clicking away at those needles makes me gasp. 100 hats! You are one talented lady. I wonder if you knit in your sleep.

    1. If it's not 100 Rowena, it's pretty damn close!! I don't knit in my sleep, I just count stitches!!


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