Wednesday 22 August 2012

eBay.....Hello Again

I haven't been on eBay in around 9 months....well now that I've stopped searching for Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarn, I tend to look for vintage items on Etsy...somehow eBay had just escaped me.

Last week I noted that Etsy have done some very silly changes to their site.  Playing around with the search button, not classifying vintage or handmade....the help forums from sellers who are up in arms about these changes makes for great reading.  I've even entered into the debate myself.  I've noted that the views at my Etsy store has also nose dived like everyone elses.  I get more traffic to my store now from this blog, blogs that I've been featured on, Pinterest, Ravelry and my Facebook page....the adhoc searches just don't exist....and I'm even struggling to find my own listings when I do a search.

After I couldn't refine my search for bed linen down to retro or vintage without having to sift through every piece of bed linen, I headed over to eBay.

What a score....100% cotton sheets one plain one patterned with broderie anglaise,  in a very retro orange and gold...with 2 matching pillow slips, all still boxed and in perfect condition and made in Australia.  They were manufactured by a department store we used to have in Australia called Waltons, they closed in the early 80's if my memory is correct....anyway Buy it Now $40 AUD thank you very much....and I could not be happier.  

I never have luck at oppies or eBay so I'm pretty happy.....I've taken them over to the laundromat for a good soak and starch, so when they're on the bed I'll pop up a photo.....I'm still on the flannel sheets at the's still a little chilly right about now!

Does anyone else score well at the oppies or eBay.  What's your best find?

vic x

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