Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Joy Wright Photography....Some New Pics

Joy Wright Photography in Hayden Alabama US, takes the most wonderful photos for me.....She sent some more photos my way this morning...I use these for Etsy, FB, here and postcards for promo use. 

Joy found me a couple of years back through Etsy, we now have a mutual respect for each others work...she lives on one side of the world, and I the other, I send her hats, she photographs them just the way I want them, and it's a working relationship that works even though we have never met.....my little Norwegian hats, plenty of stretch and when tied under the chin very snug. This little cherub is wearing both a 3M to 6M, and then she is also sporting the 6M to 12M in the darker shades ....known to me as little LARS hats....cute as! 

To find out more about Joy's work, take a look here.  Thanks again Joy....Love your work!

Vic x


  1. lovely to see you blogging Vicki! Look forward to contacing you in late-summer re. a bonnet for Poet x

    1. Thanks so much for popping by Jodi....I'll be in touch, I think I may have something you may like....I sent a little hat or two off to Nell in the UK at FDOMarriage, so I'll send some d&m love your way to for Poet....and looks like I'm going to be sending some to Anna over at Rummeys as well. Vic x


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