Friday, 19 October 2012

Pretty in Pinks....

dover & madden doesn't really do a lot of newborn hats....I sort of start most of my hats at around 3 months....I figure that fresh little NB's only lie around sleep,eat and cry, they don't need little wool hats on their heads just yet!!

I've been pressed for NB hats for photo props from Joy Wright and Denise Burridge so I thought I should get my fingers into gear.  My perception of newborn heads is really out of whack, when I knitted these little hats I thought they were wayyyyy to small, so I did block them a little more than needed, but you live and the end of the day babies only grow in one direction, and that's bigger!!

Delightful little photos that popped into my inbox this morning from Joy Wright Photography.

Hope your week was as good as mine.

vic x

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