Tuesday, 13 November 2012

And it was all yellow.....

Loving yellow right about now.

1. View from the roof top where I work
2. My new bicycle....well I will be getting this when they're back in stock.  Image and bike from Reid Cycles
3. Little BEAR hat by dover & madden.  Pattern coming soon.
4. Tiny cupcakes given to me by a lovely work colleague during the week.  Cakes from Little Cupcakes
5. New blanket on the go...Mustard, lemon and grey, black and white....Pattern here
6. The gorgeous little Josephine from On the First Day of Marriage sporting her mustard CLOVER hat.
    Photo courtesy of Nell.
7. Warm enough this week to dig out the gold Saltwaters....Yeah for warmer weather.
8. Going to Coldplay tonight at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne....can't wait.

Vic x


  1. Yellow is my all time favourite colour and I love it combined with grey.
    That sky is pretty spectacular and I especially love your bike Vicki.

    1. Thanks Tammi, nice to hear from you....especially looking forward to hearing about your exciting news. Vic x

  2. So jealous you're going to see Coldplay! Have fun :)

    Gorgeous items... and that little girl in the mustard hat is just adorable ;) xx


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