Friday 11 January 2013

Day 11.....Water

Day 11.....Water

As a non drinker of water for many years, I am now embracing it.....I think this new water bottle has changed the way I drink water.  It's called a drink the water with the bottle upright and you can see how much you're drinking.  The bottle is also BPA free. The sipper folds flat into the lid when not in use, and it doesn't drip or leak....It's got a holder to loop your finger through to carry it while walking and it fits perfectly in my handbag.  I drink around 4 to 5 of these a day at 750ml per fill, so I'm pretty happy with my fluid intake now.....and on a day like today in Melbourne when it's going to be 37c.....I'm happy to be slightly waterlogged!



  1. What a groovy looking water bottle. We drink gallons of the stuff here, it's always been my preferred choice for the kids and I and for me the colder the water the better.
    It won't take long for you to feel all the wonder benefits of increasing your water intake Vicki :)

    1. I've been gulping the stuff down for a month now Tammi so I'm over the frequent trips to the loo....I also find I do struggle to drink cold water, unlike a lot of people....tap temperature I cope with, but I can't drink chilled water or water from the fridge....odd to say the least!!

      This bottle came from an eco shop....doing my bit for the environment!!



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