Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 6......Mine

Day 6 ..... Mine, seems a little odd for this one today as most things around this place are mine, although  these photos are not mine, but these jeans are now mine!  Bit of online shopping this morning!

Being tall I love my skinny jeans....but I also love tailored denim....denim that you can wear to work for a bit more of a dressy look, so wideleg jeans from Boden hopefully will fit the fingers crossed these are ok when they arrive, I've never had to return a Boden item yet, but then again I've never purchased trousers from Boden online either.  I'm not a big one for high waisted pants, so hoping that the description of "sits below natural waist" is accurate, otherwise I may just be asking.....does my bum look big in these?

#FMSphotoaday #fingerscrossed

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