Tuesday 8 January 2013

Easter Quilt.....

I had a delivery today of some new fabric for my second quilt.....no I haven't given up the knitting.  After making my first quilt, I just knew there had to be a second.

This one will be reserved for the days over Easter, so rightly named the Easter Quilt.....I think I love these colours more than the Christmas Quilt (justly named as it was made over Christmas).....I love the boldness of these colours......hot pink, chocolate brown, coral, bright orange, plums, and a touch of blue.

I will have to go and source out some more filler fabrics.....plain polka dots, some stripes and maybe another simple pattern or two just to tie together some more of the bolder patterns.  Oh how I am loving textiles, I love opening up the box of fabric when it arrives just to see if I managed to order correctly online.....it's always a bit of a dicey business.

Added 9th January

I've purchased my filler fabrics so I thought I would update the post.

New fillers are 4th fabric down left column....pink and yellow tulips and daisies.
Middle row, top fabric, hot pink with red stripes, and second from front, multi colour floral to tie some of the other colours together.

Right row bottom fabric, pink with white polka dots.  This will also be the fabric that is the border of the quilt.

I'm very happy with my choices, but alas they go back into the box till Easter!

Bye for now.

Vic x


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris, I'm pretty chuffed with these choices as well. Vic x

  2. Vicki, this is such a great selection of fabric. I can already picture your Easter quilt..it's going to look stunning!
    I am rather impressed that you are already starting on a second quilt in as many weeks :)

    1. Thanks Tammi....although this fabric will be stashed till Easter....as much as I would love to start now, all good things come to those that wait!


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